Atle's blog

Atle Vårvik is MOT’s founder and creator. He has been passionate about people and life since he was a young boy. Atle is a former Olympian speed skater. He is married to Sigrun and together they have two sons, Kristian and Johann. In this blog he is sharing his monthly reflections and experiences.

The beginning of the MOT philosophy

In 2019, it is 25 years since the work on concretising the MOT philosophy started. The first idea and initiative to start MOT came into being after the Olympic Games in Lillehammer in 1994. At that time, I could look back on 16 years of a burning passion for top-level athletics and for why some […]

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A historical day

It began with the calendar. Or, the idea about making the calendar. An idea that came as a result of a burning desire to do something to help other people. – From the book ‘The Will’

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   I am happy to introduce you to MOT Thailand’s new Country Director, Pikky Thonganantiwong. Pikky is a real ‘MOTy’ lady. We met her for the first time in 2016 when she attended at MOT Basic Education. We immediately fell in love with this lively and enthusiastic lade. Pikky has a doctor’s degree in strategies […]

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10 years ago, on this exact day, something historical happened: Yai from Thailand became a MOT coach at a MOT Basic Education in Cape Town. She became the first MOT coach in Thailand ever.  Yai has been the Country Manager of MOT Thailand since it was founded in 2015. She has introduced MOT to several […]

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