Atle's blog

Atle Vårvik is MOT’s founder and creator. He has been passionate about people and life since he was a young boy. Atle is a former Olympian speed skater. He is married to Sigrun and together they have two sons, Kristian and Johann. In this blog he is sharing his reflections and experiences.

Youth’s robustness is important

Youth’s dreams What do many youth dream of today? A safer world. How will this strengthen MOT’s role in the future? We know that those who start wars and execute terror and massacres, once were children and youth. Many of them were not seen and included, and lacked the tools, awareness and courage to make […]

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MOT’s development work

The idea for MOT was born in February 1994. It quickly became a concept and a new and unique way to work. Unique was also the way we went on and carried through with structure and efficiency. In the first years, MOT made radical innovation. The extraordinary is rarely created by one special ingredient, but […]

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A company’s culture

All the time, we can develop in a direction of the extraordinary, both as a person and as leaders. Collaboration and fellowship have been the basis for MOT’s development. To be intensively searching for people’s talents, interests and gifts, has been one of my biggest passions. If you find your fellow-beings’ and associates’ signature strengths […]

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A magical moment

October 1st is yet another historical day. This date will stand as MOT Minnesota’s official date of birth. 

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I believe in trust-based management

MOT is built up by trust-based management, but there is something that is very important to get trust-based management work. You need managers with great character and integrity – and kindness.

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