Latest news from MOT Foundation.

Inspiring meetings

On 9th of March 2020, MOT Thailand invited the Foundation Boards to attended the meeting to discuss the matter of raising funds to be used in the foundation operations at MOT Thailand Camp.

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New school on board

On 24th of January 2020, Dr. Pikky Thonganantiwong; CEO of MOT Thailand went to supervise and monitor the operation of Bannonsomboon School, the new MOT school in year 2020.

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It’s time to act seriously

February has been very active for MOT Latvia in broad areas of activity: successfully leaded MOT sessions in schools, new MOT sessions for business people leaded, presentations looking for new MOT schools in the next school year, following up the political situation in order to pay attention to MOT at political level.

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The best possible start-up

MOT Denmarks focus in February has been on following up on schools that are interested in having MOT as their preferred Life Mastery culture building program and philosophy. Most of the schools are from our MOT information gatherings in MOT schools all over the country.

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